Toddler Years, Twins

One of these days, Alice…

I’ll get back on track eventually, one of these days. I haven’t written a blog in months because I’ve been too busy losing hair on my head, growing more on my face, and drinking “calming” tea which is basically cinnamon flavored Xanax.

When Max was around 6 months old, my hormones started to shift again which caused my hair to fall out and my moods to be about as stable as a drunk girl in heels on cobblestone. It didn’t last long, and I quickly forgot about it. Because that’s what happens when you have babies…your mind blocks out the things you don’t want to remember. Which is why people keep having babies. It’s science.

Around the time the babies turned 5 months old, it started again. My hair started falling out and I felt completely off. I’d say it’s pretty much delayed postpartum. It took a little longer to get back on track this time but having gone through this once, I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m coming out of the tunnel, and it’s awesome, and Kevin helped me the whole way.

Hormones are a real bitch.

Now that we’ve all turned a corner: Max has adjusted to his new classroom, the babies are sitting up, I’m not a crying beast all the time and Kevin is settling in at his new job, I feel like we’re getting somewhere. That all of the hard, hard, hard work we’ve put in is starting to pay off.

Moral of the story, the blogs coming back and so is a lot of my hair.

Kevin and I often say that having twins is twice the work and twice the reward. And it’s true. Boys are sweet and cuddly and silly and smelly and willful and I feel like my Grinch heart is growing three sizes right now.


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2 thoughts on “One of these days, Alice…”

  1. As always, I look forward to your “hello my sugar pie” posts. What a beautiful family Kevin and you have . God’s blessings on your family, love you

  2. Wonderful writing. So discribtive. We had no idea you were going through this and so glad you’re at the end & made it.
    I know you have a “book” in your future!

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