Toddler Years, Twins

Did we just become best friends?

Few things are more gratifying than happy kids.

I get the same satisfaction seeing them laugh as I do when I surprise Kevin with a meal that consists of several species of meat and not one vegetable. Because he giggles with excitement too.

The older the boys get the more I want to shove them into my kangaroo pouch and never leave them – especially now that the babies are catching up. It was a big weekend at our house with more teeth, pulling up, not projectile vomiting when solid foods touch their tongues, attempting to crawl. All things I didn’t realize were so amazing when Max did them. Because he just did them – I hadn’t ever taken into account the insane amount of work that these little bodies put into learning how to do these things.

When you have kiddos that are a little behind, every single milestone is a celebration/heart explosion/feeling like you’re that much closer to the finish line. But what even is the finish line? I have no idea. Really, there isn’t one – but now I feel like we’ve ripped off our warm-ups and we’re starting to play with the rest of the team.

Plus, Max talked to one of them this weekend so that’s a win. I mean he didn’t make eye contact but he acknowledged that he does in fact have siblings so we’re definitely getting somewhere. One of these days he’ll thank us…

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