Toddler Years, Twins

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…and we don’t do any of that in our house.

Max has quickly realized that his brothers are capable of touching him, his toys, his mom, the carpet in his room – and he ain’t happy. His most recent skill has been mastering the art of the fake injury, which he now does several times a day. In most cases, Lucas is the trigger that sends the poor victim into a tailspin followed by his favorite new phrase, “Ouchie Brudder!”

Yesterday morning, Lucas crawled into Max’s room smiling and grunting (because that’s how he rolls) and though they were 10 feet away from one another, Max let out a loud cry and an “Ouchie! Leg! Brudder! Hurt!”

I’m sorry sir? Your brother on the other side of the room just hurt your leg?

Lucas does bully Max which is kind of hysterical, and probably the reason Max is only cordial to Hudson but they’re boys and unless someone is seriously hurt I’m not getting in the middle of it. Soon they’ll all be big enough for me to just open the patio door and let them settle it in the yard themselves.

The babies are completely different than they were a month ago and are getting SO. FUN. Which makes everything easier. It really boosts the troops’ morale and we needed it. I know they say March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb. But for our house, January came in like a lion – and not the nice kind like on Lion Guard – and out like a little Lamb (Chop).

I have learned more about myself these last 9 months than I ever have. Like allow yourself a midweek “vacation day” and skip the baths, get takeout if you want, turn on Mickey Mouse, put on your Costco long underwear and pour some wine. I’ve also learned that eyebrow tattoos don’t last as long as they say, I need more botox, only the left side of my head gets gray hair and that Kevin says I’m too old to get a facial piercing. LET ME LIVE MY LIFE.

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1 thought on “Sharing is caring”

  1. As always, I was entertained and smiling reading your blog !! When the boys are big enough to go out the patio door be sure you have a fence, LOL Hang in there, love you

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