5 months old, Toddler Years, Twins

Not the mama!

This peppy post is brought to you by the number 2 and the letter "T"...for Terrible. Max is now a two-year-old, which means he spends 50% of the day disguised as an angry, bipolar, drunk man. Between that and the fact that Lucas is basically me in a tiny baby's body (loud, moody, anxious), Kevin… Continue reading Not the mama!

5 months old

It’s okay to be creepy | 5 months old

That nose. That tiny, little nose. It's the only part of Max that hasn't changed since the day he was born and I'm in love with it. Each night, once our house has wound down and Kevin and I finally collapse into bed, I grab my phone and stare at pictures of that nose. I… Continue reading It’s okay to be creepy | 5 months old